Taylor Lasseigne
Taylor Lasseigne – Founding Member / New Orleans, LA
I was born and raised in the south Louisiana coastal parish of Lafourche. There, I was exposed to the good Cajun people, a bounty of amazing foods, an easygoing way of life, and a lush “sportsman’s paradise” where I first learned to appreciate nature. From a young age, I always showed interest in music. In my college years, after percolating through several state schools, I took a position as a high school music teacher in New Orleans. While music education is my calling, photography has always been a fun escape for me. I enjoy peering through a lens to document our world, and I hope that I can continue to share this pastime with others through Slices of America. / e-mail: taylor at
Parker Lasseigne
Parker Lasseigne – Prolific Slicer/ Austin, TX
My portfolio website: This website will be fully updated and revamped sometime in late 2012, early 2013 to reflect more recent works. In the meantime, you can visit me on Facebook by just looking up Parker Lasseigne. I have a selection of some of my newer works posted there. Photos for slices taken with Nikon D70. Born October 13, 1982 in Houma, LA. Brother of Taylor Lasseigne. Lives in Austin, TX with Australian Shepherd “U-Turn”. Graduated from The Art Institute of Houston in 2002. Works in animation / graphic arts. Other areas of interest include illustration, photography, painting, and film-making.
Clare Nolan
Clare Nolan – Founding Member and Consultant / Melbourne, Australia
I’m a longtime fan of Slices of America, and America as a country. I have enjoyed watching Taylor’s website get better and better over the past 15 years, and I always read all of the new updates and posts. So, in a creepy Kathy-Bates sort of way, I’m probably his biggest fan. I grew up in Sydney, but these days I live in Melbourne. Once upon a time I used to take lots of photos with my SLR, but it’s been gathering dust lately. I don’t have a website, but I often post photos on Instagram (my user name is Gumboh7). I don’t read too many books, but I do see lots of films. My favourite director is Wes Anderson. And my favourite film genre is probably Western (although that changes from time to time.) When I’m not watching films, you’ll find me at work or drinking beer, sometimes both (but don’t tell the boss).
Gary Liu Jr.
Gary Liu Jr. / Honolulu, HI
Gary Liu Jr. was born in California in 1976. He was raised in — according to the last, late-night, suspiciously unrealiable count — approximately five cities in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Perhaps even Riverside County. Who’s to say. Gary obtained a degree in art history from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art, in Philadelphia, and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in modern and contemporary Chinese art, at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. At the present time, he has gone across the country six times by auto. Selected Travel Photography was shot with a Cannon AE-1, and 30 Windshield Views was shot with disposable cameras. Gary quite likes the idea of oceanic pursuits, and nautical endeavors, but, to be fair, typically admires such ventures from afar, rather than atop the swaying decks. Gary lives in Honolulu.
Angela Driscoll
Angela Driscoll / New Orleans, LA
Angela Driscoll was born in Dearborn, MI on July 7, 1977 (that‘s 7/7/77!). The daughter of Canadian-born parents, Angela was taught the ways of both “The Great White North” and “The Lower 48”. At age 8 Angela’s family relocated to Tampa, FL. Upon the completion of high school, Angela weighed her options for college and decided on Loyola University in New Orleans, LA where she studied art. Be it fate or dumb luck, Angela took a part-time job at Barnes & Noble Bookstore where she met her future husband Taylor Lasseigne ( editor).Angela spent two years in Philadelphia, PA working on her graduate degree in Book Arts and Printmaking at the University of the Arts, but has since moved back to New Orleans. She threatens to never leave the city, come hell or high water. When she is not involved in artistic endeavors including printmaking or digital media, Angela enjoys avoiding potholes on her bicycle “Belle”.
Emily Birdsall
Emily Birdsall / Philadelphia, PA
Born lucky, enjoying it. Wanderer at heart, love exploration and adventure. Born and raised in southern Louisiana. I think the world of my home town, Cut Off, and adopted home, New Orleans! I visit as often as I can. After med school, I decided to move “out west” to play in the mountains and experience other areas of the U.S. Spent three years in Utah skiing, climbing, riding motorcycles, my bike, and exploring new adventures like canyoneering. After residency, decided to move to Seattle to explore the NW which was lots of fun. The Pac NW was like a different planet from the east coast. While in Seattle, I was lucky enough to have a job which maximized my time off, so I traveled lots. Recently decided to switch up career paths a bit and accepted a new job in Philly! Philadelphia is a great city so far. I’m enjoying exploring a new part of the country. Trying to find a life that feels right to settle into.
Jason Hughes
Jason Hughes / Austin, TX
I was born in June 1974. I grew up in Berwick, Louisiana, where my dad was raised. After high school, I went to LSU, then Nicholls State University, then dropped out, then struggled to get back in. I eventually graduated from LSU in 2000 with an Electrical Engineering degree (which I am currently not using). In between, I’ve held all sorts of jobs; cashier, grocery stocker, deckhand on an offshore supply vessel, assembly worker, I drove trucks for Wal-Mart, cooked chicken at Raising Cane’s, did assembly for high orbit scientific balloons, and so on.After graduating from college, I moved to Dallas, TX to work for a semiconductor company. It was interesting, but after 4 years I decided I would try something else. The wife and I packed up and moved to Austin. I’m now into software testing, working on secret stuff for the military and other various government agencies.My first camera was an old 110 film format camera. It really took a beating and continued to work. Many years later I eventually bought an APS camera, and now use a Casio Exilim digital camera. I’d like to pick up a digital SLR camera some day, but that’s low priority as far as the budget goes. Aside from taking pictures, my interests involve various martial arts, electronics, technology in general, my wife and my cats.
Sam Litman
Sam Litman / Las Vegas, NV
I lived in Spring Creek, Nevada from 2001 to 2013. I worked for 2 years at Wal mart in Elko from 2005 to 2007. I went to a college in Elko called Great Basin College from 2008 to 2012 for Broadcasting. My title was Associate of Applied Science Degree for Broadcasting Technology. I graduated May, 2012. Starting in September, 2012, we put our house up for sale in Spring Creek. We almost sold the house in December, 2012 but the person who was going to buy the house was fired from their job, so we lost the sale practically at the last minute, so the house has still not sold as of now, but there has been interest and lots of lookers, but no buyers as of yet. My wife was offered a good job in Las Vegas, NV in January, 2013 as a health inspector for Nevada, so we decided to move to Vegas because of the job offer, plus the fact that I lived in Vegas from 1992 to 2001, and really missed it. We moved to Vegas February 28th, 2012 and got an apartment on the East side of town. I am currently getting my resume professionally done so I can get a job in my chosen field.
Gary Syzek
Gary Syzek – Water Tower Enthusiast / Sugarland, TX
After investing over 35 years in the municipal water industry, I have grown quite fond of the elevated water tanks seen across the country. I feel that they are iconic landmarks just like lighthouses are but are often taken for granted by the general public. Water towers are very unique in design as well as presentation based upon the local community’s needs. Many thanks to this website’s admin for categorizing these proud structures!
James Shields
James Shields – Water Tower Enthusiast / Madisonville, LA
James Shields, was born a Yankee over 30 years ago, but raised a Mississippian. He asks that you don’t hold that against him and continue reading. After sleeping his way through the University of New Orleans, James was well on his way to a career as a tenured snob in the music department of Barnes & Noble. Just before his impending, customer induced, assault-rifle rampage, James managed to secure a position at Loyola University in the public affairs department. James lives in the cultural center of Louisiana (Harahan) & is married to the lovely & former Ms. Laurie Landry. The spawn of shields is due in February 2006 (sex = boy.) James’ major influences include a creepy obsession with the Simpsons, PJ’s iced coffee, Slayer, pretending to destroy hotel rooms, the movie Point Break and Juan’s Flying Burrito. When James isn’t prank calling Taylor at Barnes & Noble, he enjoys horseback riding, sunsets, and attending to injured wildlife.
Bryce Autin
Bryce Autin – Water Tower Enthusiast/ Cut Off, LA
Bryce Autin is General Counsel for the Greater Lafourche Port Commission. His beautiful wife, Ashley, is expecting a baby boy. This unfortunately means that Bryce’s dream of having a little girl named Gweneth, named after Gwen Stefani, will have to wait until the next go around.
Tracy Lasseigne
Tracy Lasseigne – Water Tower Enthusiast / Larose, LA
Water tower enthusiast