2003greatfalls - 01

up on the airport’s hill; view at dusk

2003greatfalls - 02

exterior of the office that I am employed by

2003greatfalls - 03

the hotel I stayed at on my first trip; O’Haire Motor Inn

2003greatfalls - 04

hallway right outside of my hotel room

2003greatfalls - 05

exterior of the O’Haire’s lounge; the Sip Dip. This bar was voted the #1 lounge in America by some magazine; I think GQ

2003greatfalls - 06

interior of the Sip n’ Dip. very ‘Fear & Loathing’esque. Behind the bar is a window into the swimming pool; actually, I think that’s its main attraction!

2003greatfalls - 07

shot of Rodger Dam from the park right in front of it

2003greatfalls - 08

river road; leads to the first fall (of Great Falls)

2003greatfalls - 09

the first fall of Great Falls

2003greatfalls - 10

fish hatchery (no swimming!)

2003greatfalls - 11

one of Great Falls’ parks

2003greatfalls - 12

and another park

2003greatfalls - 13

dangerous picture taking above the falls

2003greatfalls - 14

river; just after Rodger Dam

2003greatfalls - 15

river near the springs

2003greatfalls - 16

I think this is a statue of Louis and Clark…..memory’s fading. Great Falls is one of the locations where they stopped; there is an extensive museum about their expedition on the north-east side of town.

2003greatfalls - 17

at the park where the statue was located

2003greatfalls - 18

2003greatfalls - 19

downtown Great Falls….very postcard’esque. Downtown gets pretty deserted at 5.

2003greatfalls - 20

looking in certain nooks and crannies (I hope I spelled “cranny” correctly), the town almost feels like it’s still in the 40’s or something

2003greatfalls - 21

statue in the middle of Downtown. Don’t remember who it’s of; it was about to rain, and I was in a hurry.

2003greatfalls - 22

a very big, very old style post office… the rain is coming as you can see!

2003greatfalls - 23

just a nice spot, nothing more

2003greatfalls - 24

leaving Great Falls for a day, to see some of the surrondings. Driving and picture-taking, and I’m still alive

2003greatfalls - 25

more scenery on my day’s drive. This was the snow from the day before.

2003greatfalls - 26

Went to a small town outside of Great Falls called Niehart. Very small and quiet. Hopefully no new unibombers are being raised here.

2003greatfalls - 27

on the day I left; view of the town from the airport hill… and that’s Great Falls