Waldo, Detroit, and Niagara: Part 2 of 3.


Don’t think that we drove all this non-stop. We stayed with family just outside of Detroit for a few days in a town called Northville. I don’t know if it was because it was Sunday or it was rainy, but Detroit was desolate. Ghost-town of a city. We spent several hours at the museum and then drove around and took random photos.


You are looking at one wall of a larger mural by the Mexican artist Diego Rivera (1886-1956). The room that houses this mural is called the Rivera Court and the piece itself is called Detroit Industry.


Here’s the Detroit Tigers’ Comerica Park. Just as I took this photo, one of the Tigers hit a home run (I know this because the game is aired on a giant TV screen just out of view to the left.) The crowd went crazy and the Tigers ended up beating the Minnesota Twins in this, the last game of the season.


The Fox Theater right across the street from the stadium.


The old Detroit Tigers’ stadium.


Here’s the Ford factory in Detroit. Well, we’ve experienced the quaint Waldo, Ohio and now a bit of the industrious Detroit, Michigan. Now let’s go up, through Canada, to Niagara Falls…


Just before the Canada/USA border we passed through Port Huron. I just get a kick out of places that fly both flags.


And here is one of many major US/Canada borders, the Blue Water Bridge that crosses the St. Clair River. Once across, you are in Canada explaining yourself to customs. (This can be a bit tricky when you have a Louisiana license, your fiancee has a Florida license, and your car has Pennsylvania plates.) Now east to Niagara Falls…