Our last island stop was Kaua’i, which was probably the most lush and beautiful of the islands.  I would say it was probably the most Hawaii-looking, if that makes sense.  But having said that, our first stop was Waimea Canyon, which is the Grand Canyon of Hawaii.  And like that Grand Canyon, it really is quite overwhelming to stand before it.

The next brief stop was the Wailua Falls on the east side of the island.  Nothing major, just a really nice view as you’re driving along.

If you find yourself on Kauai at any point, be sure to take a drive along the north coast.  No place in particular, just go.  It’s all great; very green.  There are parking areas all along the way to stop and take in the views.  But be vigilant, we missed some great photo-ops that cropped up very briefly immediately following some of the many curves… and as soon as they came into sight, they were gone.  Unfortunately we couldn’t devote more time to it, but we were trying to get to our final destination for sunset.

Our last stop for the sunset was Kee beach in Haena State Park.  This beach is basically the end of the line as far as drivers go (as you drive counter-clockwise around the coast of the island).  Only people on foot can continue from there, and brave ones at that.  This was a terrific place to watch the sun set into the ocean; we were not the only ones there waiting with cameras.  Once again, rain came and went several times.

Once we had left the island, our captain made sure to cruise around the Na Pali coast on the north shore for everyone to take in it’s majesty.  Pretty impressive stuff; lots of great formations.  This is the area just west of Kee beach and can only be reached by hiking, with terrain that doesn’t look very casual.

The end

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