On the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge lies the other half of Golden Gate National Recreational Area and the Marin Headlands Рa lush rolling landscape that dips down to the water for some fantastic views of the bay area. With only a few hours left in our day, we saw what we could. We barely made it to the visitors center for a map before they closed. From there, we took a short hike around Rodeo Lagoon to Rodeo Beach with spectacular up-close views of the Pacific Ocean. After a little time dodging waves, we climbed back up the hills to the ruins of Battery Spencer for a perfect view of the Golden Gate Bridge Рjust in time for sunset.

Rodeo Cove Hike



Golden Gate Bridge



Battery Spencer Ruins

A sign on the site reads, “For over half a century, this was one of the most strategically important sites guarding the Golden Gate. Completed in 1897, the battery was named for Joseph Spencer, who had been a major general in the army during the American Revolution. It was armed with 3 rifled guns having 12″ diameter barrels. The fortification saw continuous service until 1943, when it was declared obsolete and its guns scrapped.”