Waldo, OH postcard

Waldo, Detroit, and Niagara: Part 1 of 3. This trip originated from the idea that we (my fiancee Angela and I) should visit her Grandmother on her 80th birthday. Oh yea, her Grandmother lives in Canada (about 1.5 hours east of Detroit). Once we got the time off from work and school, we began to plan other things that we could do along the way. We planned three stops: Waldo, OH for their famous bologna sandwich; Detroit, MI for their museum, and Niagara Falls for its grandeur. We begin in Philadelphia and travel clockwise (click map for larger view). The pink area represents Canadian soil.



(click for larger map)


The back of a Waldo, OH postcard reads: “Waldo – a quiet village of 350 located a short distance north of Columbus, Ohio is home to several popular venues where motorcycle enthusiasts and tourists alike can partake of the infamous bologna sandwiches and wines from the local vineyards.”



A deserted elementary school… I think it was deserted? Where’s the famous bologna??


This town hall was located in what seemed to be the main intersection in Waldo. It included the town hall, a post office, the Village Tavern, and the G&R Tavern (famous for bologna).


The Village Tavern… We didn’t go in, but I may go back one day for one of their ostrich burgers, home made pork rinds, or some of that pure gourmet Waldo honey.

20030926_Waldo_web05 20030926_Waldo_web06 20030926_Waldo_web07


So finally, here it is… the G&R Tavern, famous for its liberal use of bologna. I’m not kidding when I say that their bologna is 3/4 of an inch thick. Let’s go inside and see what’s shaking…



OH MAN! Yea, that’s a fat bologna sandwich. Let me break this down for you. From the top down, you’re looking at a fresh tasty bun, mustard, onions, sweet pickles, jack cheese, a generous portion of bologna, and yes there is a bottom bun under there somewhere. It’s sliced down the middle for your convenience, and we added a side of fries. We were on a tight budget and just had water, but the G&R is a tavern and I bet a light beer would compliment this sandwich nicely. The folks at the G&R were really great, they even allowed me to take photographs in their kitchen. Unfortunately, the kitchen photos did not come out. We left Waldo and headed north towards Detroit, Michigan.


A barn along Ohio state road 23.