Maui – a really gorgeous place, with postcard worthy images wherever you turn.  And to start it off, we decided to go on the most nerve-racking expedition possible… the Road to Hana!  It was only after we made the trip that we started noticing t-shirts for sale in most shops proclaiming ‘I survived the Road to Hana!’.  52 miles, 617 curves, 56 bridges… all of which takes place on a winding road just beside a cliff with little (and sometimes no) railing to protect you and yours.  And some of those bridges are only one way, just to pile on the panic.  Not to mention the big slap in the face destination, which one begins to assume must be absolutely amazing as you snake your way up this trail of terror.  But the end of the road only brings you to the small nondescript town of Hana.  It’s only at this point that you realize that the attraction was the drive itself, and not the destination.  Believe me when I say that this comes as a heavy blow.  Especially when you consider that you need to go back the very same way you came…. But the views are peachy!


To change course as drastically as possible, we decided to spend the rest of our stay in the tranquil town Lahaina.  A small whaling town on the west shore, this place was just a picturesque delight.  Mostly shops, restaurants, arts and craft vendors, and the like.