New York City trip Part 2 of 10: Lady Liberty. On Thursday morning, August 27th 2015, we arrived at Battery Park at 8:00 AM to take off by way of the Statue Cruises ferry line towards the Statue of Liberty.  We also had the choice to explore Ellis Island, but we had to skip that stop due to the rest of the schedule for the day.  Battery Park in the early morning hours proved to be a very peaceful and relaxing spot.  This would have been a stop I would have liked to return to at some point on one of the other mornings to just stroll about, enjoying the view of the bay, but this didn’t happen.  As a side note, we almost got on the wrong ferry that morning… Turns out there’s the Staten Island Ferry Terminal in addition to the Statue Cruises ferry, both in entirely different parts of the park.  I’m not really a morning person, so luckily I somehow realized what we were doing before boarding the wrong vessel.  So just FYI.

01-battery 02-battery 03-ellis


View of Ellis Island


Photo by Richard Arnold