New York City trip Part 6 of 10:  Green Spaces

Central Park proved to be our one missed opportunity on this trip…  I think we entered the park on 3 different occasions, but usually just to fill time, and only whenever it was convenient to do so, with none of the stops being all that substantial.  But I figure if you’re trying to explore New York City in any sort of thorough way, something is gonna have to get short changed.  If not many things.  So this is me saying “Sorry Central Park, maybe next time.”


Short stop in Bryant Park, along with another quick stop.


The High Line on Thursday afternoon.  This was the one time that the so called New York summer heat started to get to me.  Still has nothing on Texas.


The Cloisters on Friday afternoon.  We mostly stuck to exploring the grounds and didn’t really venture into the interior.  The day was moving pretty fast, and I was dead set on taking sunset shots around the Brooklyn Bridge Park area which was all the way across Manhattan.  That last shot of trees with the setting sun is actually around the corner from the  Brooklyn Bridge Park and the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.  We were losing light pretty quick.