In O’ahu, we spent most of our time in the capitol city, Honolulu.  Our hotel was right along the beach, providing us with a terrific view.  Activity along the strip was pretty active as you would imagine.  Even going out at 5 in the morning, people could still be found lounging around the shore.  The fickle weather was soon discovered to be one of the biggest learning curves of this trip.  You could count on rain to crop up about every 2-3 hours, yet subside after only a few minutes.  Sometimes it would last longer, but it always cleared after not very long.  The wind also became a force to reckon with depending on where you went.  And seeing as how I couldn’t bring my tripod on this trip, that was going to be a foe to face time and time again.

Our first full day was spent on a Polynesian tour around the island.  We made stops along the way at various cliffs, beaches, and mountain views.  One of the main stops was the Dole plantation where we had time to explore the grounds and enjoy some of the best pineapple ice cream you’re ever likely to have.

The last stop on the tour was the Polynesian Cultural Center.  Owned by the mormons, it’s a sort of cross between a theme park and a cultural museum.  We stayed there for the later part of the day and into the evening, taking in food preparation customs, dance and music lessons, tree climbing demonstrations, and all sorts of goodies.  The night ended with a  big meal and a live show (not to be photographed).  It was a good time for all.

At the end of our cruise, we sailed back to Honolulu and spent the last day visiting Pearl Harbor before flying back home.  We visited the USS Missouri and the USS Arizona Memorial.  Note the oil slick still sitting on the water surface.